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3. Questions, July 17 2013  13:00 - 15:00


Each class formulates a question on their Learning Circle theme according to criteria for quality research sponsored question. 

- What makes question into a good question?

- post the question on top of your country page 

- check on questions. 



Class A, New Zealand Question:

What is the aboriginal culture (first nation) in your country? How to keep the aboriginal culture? 

Here you can place information (text, photo's...) about your Class and Country.



Class B, Switzerland Question:

Where do you suggest us to play in your country?Please explain why.


Class C, Germany Question:

What is the name of the most important festival in your country? Please describe what is special about this festival?


Class D, Greece Question: 

What strategy does your country take to prevent global warming? 


Class E, England Question:

What's the meaning of your country's flag? 


Class F, Australia Question:

What does your country's money look like?

Why do you think the pictures on the money can represent your country?



Class G, Italy Question:

There are many historical sites in Italy.Please name some of the famous historical sites in your country, and how your government protects them.


Class H, Egypt Question:

What is your country's educational system?

(year of school/ time for school/ how the teachers teach)

If you could change one thing, what would you like to change?



Class I, U.S.A. Question:

The beauty of the USA includes the freedom and equality of life. What is the most important characteristic of your country? 


Class J, Madagascar Question:

How does your country take care of the elderly people?  


Class K, South Korea Question:

What is the traditional food in your country?Please add a picture.  



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