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1. Preparation , July 17 2013  08:00 - 12:00


- introduction teachers

- introduction theme

- introduction mentors and participants

       - who are you game

       - 21st century game




Dear participants

Please use the space beneath this message to post your test messages. You can find your classcode on the Participating Schools page.


Kindly use your classcodes to enable us to recognize your class. Posting your test messages means that your wiki accounts has been created and your class is ready for the start of the Wiki Learning Circle.


Before posting your test message, click on "Edit" menu above.

After posting your message, remember to click on "save" before exiting the page.


Hoping to reading your  test messages, Bob Hofman



Class A - Test message:




Class B - Test message:




Class C - Test message:




Class D - Test message:




Class E - Test message:




Class F - Test message:




Class G - Test message:




Class H - Test message:




Class I - Test message:




Class J - Test message:




Class K - Test message:





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