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Participating Schools

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Class A 



Student a1- Timothy

Student a2- Nick

Student a3- Hannah

Student a4- Jane

Mentor a5- Mandy

Class B 



Student b1- Jamie

Student b2- Joe

Student b3- Terry

Student b4- Jamie

Mentor b5- Julie

Class C



Student c1- Betty

Student c2- Jenny

Student c3- Simon

Student c4- Eric

Mentor c5- Jenny

Class D 



Student d1- Cami

Student d2- Claire

Student d3- Apple

Student d4- Phrase

Mentor d5- Ivy

Class E 


Student e1- Sam

Student e2- Kirsten

Student e3- Sherry

Student e4- Tina

Mentor e5- Anita

Class F 



Student f1- Willy

Student f2- Georg

Student f3- Alice

Student f4- Carina

Mentor f5- Ann

Class G 



Student g1- Wenny

Student g2- Richard

Student g3- Max

Student g4- Kelly

Mentor g5- Kimberly

Class H 



Student h1- Apple

Student h2- Rita

Student h3- Jess

Student h4- Peter

Mentor h5- Natalie

Class I



Student i1- Daniel

Student i2- Angela

Student i3- Miffy

Student i4- David

Mentor i5- Cliff

Class J



Student j1- Justin

Student j2- Mathew

Student j3- Peggy

Student j4- Sylvia

Mentor j5- Carol

Class K



Student k1- Jimmy

Student k2- Dino

Student k3- Carol

Student k4- Rita

Mentor k5- Amy



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